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Crazy ass Anakin always escapes and goes in Gandalf’s cage heheh he just misses his buddy.
but this happens e v e r y d a y
Ani likes toast :) <3
Yum yum vegan Caterpillar roll :p
ayyyaa dread head dead head
In spirit of never attending high school ever again
Anonymous: Hey :) I wondered... Do you know Jack Kerouac ? What do you think of him ? Thanks if you read my question ✌️🌸

no clue who that is sorry

Anonymous: Please tell me your rat doesn't live in a tank permanently? Tanks are never suitable homes for rats, there isn't enough ventilation and they're far too small for permanent living. Rats need large cages and lots of toys and hammocks and things to climb on otherwise they get horribly bored. They're very intelligent animals and they need lots of room to explore and play.

They do live in tanks. These tanks are big enough for them (much bigger than other cages people have for their rats) and I take them out several times a day so they can run and play around my room. Most pet stores keep their rats in tanks and thats what the place I got my rat GAVE ME to keep them in. They have plenty of things to chew in their and place to hide and climb on. Thanks you for your concern though, they are very intelligent, curious creatures that deserve the best care:)

Chillin with ma boi jimi!!!!
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